Optimum Series EZ Pump



  • Enhance your masculinity and erotic sensitivity with the E-Z Pump.
  • The easy to use love pump securely fits over the penis and delivers intense suction stimulation and power for instant maximum results.
  • To super-size your pleasure tool, slip inside the transparent cylindrical chamber and pump away to your pleasure.
  • The super soft, removable donut sleeve ensures a comfortable and secure seal for ultimate satisfaction.
  • Thispump is perfect for experimental arousal and intimate exploration and is designed for easy use.
  • The personal pleasure pump comprises of a seamless see-through ABS plastic suction chamber with an ultra-soft, phthalate free PVC donut sleeve, flexible air hose and squeezable bulb.
  • The suction chamber measures a generous 7.5″x 2″/19 cm x 5 cm, and comfortably slips over the penis.
  • Once in place, the bulb provides all the power that you need to create intense suction stimulation and personal growth.
  • Thispump is suitable for first time and experienced users and is ideal for enhancing size, sensitivity and endurance.
  • To intensify your exotic experience, slide the penis into the suction cylinder and pump to your desired size.
  • Every squeeze of the pliable hand-held bulb increases your intimate arousal and maximizes your sensual pleasure.
  • Before and after every use, always clean the pump cylinder with a toy cleaner spray.


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